Jacobs commercial



As reindeers are unseparatable part of the Christmas mood, we were given a task to create one that was later used in Jacobs Christmas commercial. The spot was done by Televisor Studio, and directed by Samuel Bennetts. Our task was to  fix the model, create fur system, shade and texture it and prepare the asset for the rendering. It was a quick, but fun project. 

  • snowPose2.png
  • snowPose1.png
  • beauty_0001.png

The project was finally rendered in Vray, but after the commercial was released, we also made an Arnold version, which looked the same, just to test render speed (Arnold turned out faster). To simplify the work, we have split the fur to many separate systems. That way, and the scene was clean and everything was easy to read. We also gained more control over the look of specific parts of the animal.


While creating shaders, we mixed multiple textures to create desired look. Using only one texture didn't give as as much control over the final color as we wanted. By splitting it into layers, we were able to tweak individual hair colors as much as we wanted.


Here are some of the yeti graphs used for the fur. As you can see, everything is kept simple. Reindeers have short and thick fur, so it was relatively easy to achieve desired effect. We focused mainly on getting the right clumping and density. To get some intresting variations of the fur length we used noise function script mixed with grooming attributes.